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Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy · Product



We believe that properly collected and analyzed data is inherently honest buy often businesses only have access to narrow slices of data about their customers or audiences, or the data they have looks only at what people say and not what they do.

That’s why Helixa has developed technology to look at groups of people, from every angle and dimension, and delivers a way to get more insight into both their hearts (behavior, interests, beliefs) and minds (stated intentions) than you’ve ever had.

We have infused our AI with the most current research into human behavior and given it access to the latest demographic, engagement, and census data to enable truly representative, uniquely insightful, deeply human results. AI offers the ability to find patterns and connections at unparalleled depth, scale, and speed, providing insight in minutes not days. With a detailed understanding of your customers or audience, you will be better able to please them, move them, and build more profitable relationships… everyone wins.


A Data Engineer at Helixa expands and optimizes our data architecture and infrastructure, manages ingestion pipelines from multiple sources into our data lake, maintains large datasets consumed daily, supports the R&D of our AI technology as well as the operations required to deploy algorithms at scale.

Our scientists and engineers work as a team and are responsible for the entire end-to-end process, from research to production.

The ideal candidate is a senior software/data engineer with experience in building robust data pipelines and large-scale deployment of data-driven products in the cloud.

If you love coding and can’t wait to master the new and upcoming technology in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, this is the right place for you.

The position is based in our rapidly growing R&D office in Milan (Italy) @ Talent Garden Merano.



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